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As the Prophets beheld,

as the Apostles have taught, as the Church has received,

as the Teachers have dogmatized, as the universe has agreed,

as Grace has shown forth, as Truth has revealed, as falsehood has been dissolved,

as Wisdom has presented, as Christ has awarded:

thus we declare, thus we assert, thus we preach Christ our true God, and honor His Saints in words, in writings, in thoughts, in sacrifices, in churches, in Holy Icons;

on the one hand worshiping and reverencing Christ as God and Lord;

and on the other hand honoring the saints as true servants of the same Lord of all,

and accordingly offering them veneration.

This is the Faith of the Apostles; This is the Faith of the Fathers; This is the Faith of the Orthodox; This is the Faith which has established the universe!

Illustration Copyright © 2022, Department of Christian Education, The Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Eastern America

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