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Dear All,

We are excited to share an update for Beyond the Peak. The movie, along with other amazing Orthodox Christian Films, is going to be available to stream Video on Demand for 10 days, December 9th-18th. ByzanFest is an annual Orthodox Christian Film Festival based out of Australia. Byzanfest is about to start the second half of its film festival and go international with the online streaming portion. From December 9th-18th you will be able to see Orthodox Christian short films, feature films, and documentary films. Some films will be free, for example, all the short films are free :) However, some other films including Beyond the Peak will cost $5 to rent. The Video on Demand movies will be streaming through the website/app called Vimeo which is very similar to Youtube. You can download the app onto a Smart TV, Tablet, phone or watch it on your computer through the web browser. The important thing to remember once the stream is ordered, through vimeo, it is available for 24 hours, so make sure to block out the time before you order the stream. We believe you can watch it multiple times within that period. Your Credit Card info will be safe, Vimeo is a secure website/company that is used by video professionals. The rental fees go to this wonderful film festival and the filmmakers who made the films. Please enjoy Byzanfest starting tomorrow and let's enjoy and support our Orthodox Christian Filmmakers. Relevant Links Byzanfest Streaming Page - You can click on the film posters and it will take you to their streaming pages. Beyond the Peak - Vimeo Streaming Page Short Film Portion on Youtube - These 17 short films are all free to watch. Make sure to give a thumbs-up to the shorts you like. Beyond the Peak Website

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