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We are so happy you have landed on our online corner. Here, we are compiling a FREE collection of digital teaching resources for the Orthodox Sunday School classroom and home, targeting the younger age groups (Preschool and early Elementary). Our content is not meant to replace the official Orthodox Church curricula, but rather to complement them, by offering extra enriching activities for the children, as well as helpful background resources for the adults. We’d be delighted if you found something you would like to use.

Our material is grouped in two ways (by theme and by season), to make it easier to navigate depending on your needs. You can also use the Search feature on the bottom of this page to look for a specific topic.

We do not claim to be experts in Orthodoxy or in education, rather the exact opposite – we are continuously learning and growing in Christ as we realize the vastness of the journey. This website is a reflection of our own personal experience teaching and coordinating our local parish Sunday School as volunteers, combined with our background in design, illustration and Orthodox iconography.

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